Walnut kernels
Packed in 5-10 kg, packaging — cardboard boxes, vacuum packaging is possible. It can be packaged according to customer requirements. Before packaging in a corrugated box, all walnuts are cleaned out.
The color of walnut kernels is amber, from light brown to brown.
3-GRADE (amber-dark)
This kind of walnuts has kernels up to a dark brown color, however there may be darker kernels — in this case the color is indicated on the package.
2-GRADE (wheat)
This kind of walnuts has kernels no darker than light brown in color.
1-GRADE (light)
EXTRA (white)
This kind of walnuts must have the highest quality, light color without any admixture of dark straw or lemon yellow.
All necessary documents for export deliveries are submitted. Delivery is direct to the buyer.
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